UK public set to elect Democratic Dalek Alliance


THE 2015 UK General Election is expected to be won by new party The Democratic Dalek Alliance.

British voters have complained of being dispirited and cynical due to the dishonesty of politicians and pantomime politics of traditional mainstream centre parties who are now deemed to be too untrustworthy and despicable to get an easy run at being voted for every single time.

Citizens have now decided it’s worth taking a punt on new party The Democratic Dalek Alliance just in case something good happens.

UK resident Darren Smallpop said, ‘They say they are very nice and have promised not to harvest us for their own ends, so that can’t be a bad thing.

‘They have also ensured they will not cheat on their expenses claims and insisted they will not be a safe haven for sinister peadophile networks. As far as I’m concerned they tick all the boxes.’

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett has urged the public to think twice before voting for The Alliance claiming, ‘The Green Party already offers a genuine alternative to the corporate sponsored Westminster establishment which will put governance back into the hands of the people it should serve. Yes politics is broken but the last thing the country needs is a knee jerk reaction toward The Democratic Dalek Alliance. It’s not clear we can trust them.’

But the public have been determined not to fall for the words of a women who has been discovered to be half Australian.

The election is set for the 7th of May but The Alliance has indicated they may storm parliament sooner, if they feel like it.

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