Skynet Announces Brexit Invasion Plans


SKYNET has announced the full scale decimation of Great Britain at Midday on Friday June 24th, 2016 in the event of a Brexit.

A Downing Street Spokesman said, ‘To be honest the Prime Minister’s groveling personal appeal was something of an embarrassment. The direct and obvious intimidation of Skynet at this critical time is something the Prime Minister isn’t trained for, even though he can go 5 minutes without blinking and you can poke him in the cheek with a stick and he won’t even flinch.

‘Anyhow, if everything goes according to plan we’re thinking about awarding them the contract to run the West Coast Main Line.

Gordon Coombs of the Institute of Political Studies said, ‘Skynet is a straight-up badass mother-fucker and has no notion of pretending to be nice to achieve terrifying dystopian objectives. It’s a real breath air for the public who have been bamboozled by nothing but a torrent of utter bullshit in the run up to the referendum, even though they are probably very scared’.

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