BBC intelligence strictly limited to Bishop’s Thought of the Day


The Bishop Rt Rev James Jones

INTELLIGENT discourse during BBC news and current affairs programming has been strictly limited to a 3 minute thought of the day slot by the Bishop of Liverpool Rt Rev James Jones.

Isolated interludes of sober reflective wisdom are announced by the prudent and lofty Church of England Reverend.

Marketing and Audience Director Philip Almond said, ‘Using the mysterious Bishop helps bracket out thoughtful and far sighted speech, clearly signaling it as something alien and incongruous with prevailing news and topical affairs talk, ensuring the British public remains hopelessly confused and paying their television licenses fees, forever.

‘We assume the sudden shift in tone creates enough of a confounding break in temporal continuity that most people will either zone out completely as if the Bishop isn’t there, perhaps hearing a repetitive echo chamber of Jeremy Vine contrasting opinion about a school headmaster who attended work in a bath robe or imagining John Humphrys in the nude until the Bishop is finished, or simply get the impulse to make a cup of tea.’

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