New World Order renounce global skullduggery

The group discovered a hidden online portal

SHADOWY puppet masters of humanity The New World Order have apologised for trying to take over Planet Earth.

‘We don’t know how it happened’, said one of the members, ‘first we were just a few mates meeting round Darren’s house to play World of Warcraft, then one day we found a hidden portal in the game that seemed to give us direct access to secret global communication networks, financial markets, military intelligence, media infostructure, big government data pools, banking technology and stuff like that’

‘We started to mess around a bit, it was like it wasn’t real, you know?’

‘The next thing you know we’re dicating the world’s entire geopolitcal agenda, and no one new a thing, even Darren’s mum’

‘We’d like to apoligise’

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