Nation shocked at 150mph ball death

A cricket ball at rest

a cricket ball at rest

AUSTRALIA is in a state of shock after a man died playing a game where heavy balls are hurled toward people at 150mph hundreds of times a day.

Cricket fan Aidan Stewart said, ‘It’s incredible. Normally the player either dodges the lethal speeding ball or fends it away with a bat.

‘Failing that he’ll fob the ball off using protective shields attached to his legs.

‘This time all attempts at dodging, fending and fobbing failed, and the ball hit the him within the body space of a large unarmored region.

‘We’re shocked.’

James Sutherland, the chief executive of Cricket Australia, said ‘This was a freak incident within the otherwise completely usual activity of propelling balls at each other with lethal force.

‘We’re not going to let this stop cricket going on all day every day non stop for ever and ever.’

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