Conservative Party Broadcast sparks shopping binge

FOLKSY style whistling in a political broadcast for the Conservative Party has been met with widespread approval and a massive shopping binge by self centered consumers.

Citizens have been trained to respond to heart-warming and quirky whistling coming out of the television by immediately going shopping and welcomed the broadcast for it’s ‘upbeat vibe’, saying it is ‘probably a good reason to go and buy a faux-vintage picnic hamper, a polaroid camera and a pop-up tent’, whilst completely ignoring the sinister sub-plot to silently induce widespread fear and paranoia across the nation.

Student Stephanie Wimslow said, ‘last time I heard whistling like this I rushed straight out and bought an iPod and some funky coasters. It’s awesome. Wooooooooo!’

Political Analyst Andrew Briggot said, ‘What we are seeing is symptomatic of the impending total collapse of civilization. It’s a total mind fuck.

‘But it seems to make everyone feel good, and that’s what counts.’

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