Cable buys back Royal Mail for £2 Trillion

I know what I’m doing – Vince Cable

A £2 TRILLION re-nationalisation of the Royal Mail is to go ahead following consultation with private financial advisers from global hedge fund group and current Royal Mail majority owners, Black Shadow.

The £2 Trillion price tag was agreed by Business secretory Vince Cable after high rank members of Black Shadow insisted £2 Trillion was a fair price, reassuring Cable they had made a series of extensive and complex financial calculations on very expensive computers.

Cable brushed off criticism the price was £1.99 Trillion more than the original sale price of the deal he made less than 1 year ago to sell off the public asset, which had been undervalued by £1 Billion following consultancy with the same group.

He commented ‘We have turned to this group for expert insider industry advice. They seem like a nice group of fellas, they’re polite and are very smartly dressed, well polished shoes, all seems to be in good order’

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