Audi drivers blamed for making everyone feel miserable


EVIL minded Audi drivers and their mean looking cars have been suggested as just enough of a reason everyone feels so sad these days.

jolly-carBefore a wave of Audi drivers willing to use up to 90% of their disposable income on hire purchase schemes distorted market research of every vehicle manufacturers who all now only produce vehicles that look exclusively pissed off as if there’s a good and proper reason for it, the majority of vehicles on UK roads were cheerful and jolly little chums you could give nicknames such as Monty.

They were merrily driven by nice people, often being used to take quirky and delightful family trips to the seaside. Having their friendly little faces greet us in the street each morning made us feel happy.

But that’s all changed now as all cars must look like Michael Portillo eating a wasp sandwich and are driven by peevish knobs, so everyone is sad.

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